Race Report: 106 @ 106 Run to the Sky

Race Report: 106 @ 106 Run to the Sky

Date & Time: 8th Dec 2019, 7am

Venue: Exchange 106, Kuala Lumpur

Racecourse: 193 Meter Elevation Gain, 1,116 Steps, 56 Floors

Point Factor: Closed Event (Elite Athlete, Invited Guess and Mulia Associate)

Organizer: Mulia Property Development Sdn Bhd

Contact Person: Christine

Email: Christine.yeap@mulia.com.my

Hosted by: The Exchange 106

Timing Chip Service Provider: Checkpoint Spot Asia

Total Number of Participants: ~138 Pax

Objective: 106@106 Celebrates the achievement of the official completion of the Exchange 106


The participants were invitees from associates which involved in the construction and completion of the tower. There was a special Prestige category to distinguish the organizations essential to their ongoing operations such as Bomba, TNB, IWK, PDRM, DBKL and the master developer, TRX City. There would be a total of four categories as following: Prestige Men, Prestige Women, Men Open, and Women Open. All four categories were running the same racecourse.

The racecourse consisted of 56 Floors up with a total 193 Meters elevation gained on an average 3 flights per floors format plus a total number of 1,116 steel-based steps and a 30m run from the 56th floors towards the finishing line. The rectangular shaped stairwell with a space in the middle also provided a visual for the participants to chase each other even though each of them was being flagged off individually. With that kind of condition, it was enabling each and every participant to give their best effort to push their limits to the max throughout the entire race.

Participants arrived at the race site and collected their race pack at level 2 starting from 6am onwards. Upon collecting their race pack, they would be guided to do a blood pressure check to ensure their blood pressure were under normal level then they were eligible to do the run. There was a warming up session before the race began and a safety briefing session presented by Mr. Ravinder Singh as the Vice President of Malaysia Towerrunning Association to brief all the participants on do’s and don’ts during the tower run.

The race was being flagged off according to the category as below: MTA Runners, Invited Guests and Mulia Associates for Men and followed by Women on the same order, then only to Prestige Men and Prestige Ladies at the end.

This race featured our Asia No. 1 and World No. 2 Towerrunner – Soh Wai Ching, together with his training partners, Chin Shian, and Keng Yik, and also there were some other towerrunners like Michele Tan, Hong Zhang, Mu Min, Lorna, season runners like Song Hua, Jason Fong, Wen Jun, Karen Siah, and former SEA Games Triathlete, Sue Ling and other sports enthusiasts.

To begin with, it was Soh Wai Ching, being the first runner to be flagged off and followed by Chin Shian, Keng Yik and Hong Zhang with a time interval of 15 seconds between each of them. After about 6 minutes, Wai Ching arrived at the final flight of the stairs at 56th Floor and charged to the finishing line and clocked a 6:05 minutes. About 2 minutes later, Chin Shian came and struggled hard to cross the finishing line and clocked a time of 7:41 minutes and not long after, it was Keng Yik who came and crossed the finishing line with a time of 7:41 minute. There was a screen which was located right after the finishing line whereby participants were able to view their chip time. Hong Zhang came right after and finished the race strong and clocked in a time of 7:04 minutes. About half a minute later, we saw a season runner, Jason Fong, came and completed the race in exactly 7:30 minutes and he was just 1 second ahead of Tan Song Hua, who was a veteran season marathoner and therefore Jason bagged the 3rd placing after Wai Ching and Hong Zhang.

On the women side, it was Michele Tan who won the race effortlessly as the gap between her and the 2nd placing participant Teoh Sue Ling having a gap up to 39 seconds, which both their times were 8:32 minutes and 9:11 minutes respectively. Mu Min completed the podium with a time of 9:15 minutes, which was 4 seconds after Sue Ling.

Throughout the race, there were at least one or two volunteers on each floor to cheer for participants and 1 to 2 medical personnel being ready at every 3 floors to ensure the safety of the participants. There were a few photographers throughout the stairs to take photo of the participants. At last, all the volunteers followed the final participant to cheer and provide support to her to complete the race.

She was so happy and had a group photo with her friends at the backdrop at the finishing line.

The organizer also came out with a lots of lucky draw prizes for the participants!

The Top 3 Winners from each category walked away with a customized edition of souvenir from Exchange 106. We would like to thank Mulia Group for being so supportive for Towerrunning sport and together we believe that we can bring this event up to International level in the near future!

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  1. https://www.exchange106.my/story/race-to-the-sky/

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