Frequently Asked Questions on hosting a TowerRunning event

Towerrunning sport is also known as tower run, stairs climbing, vertical marathon, run up, or even termed as “Towerthon” in Malaysia. This sport can be organized at any stairs of a building / tower, stairs at the park, natural stairs at the trail, MRT/LRT stairs and even on a stair climb machine. The rule of thumb of this game requires the participants to run up the stairs of the building / tower; and the one who takes the shortest time to reach the finishing line will be declared the winner.

Towerrunning event was first introduced in Malaysia in 1999 at the KL Tower and the event was known as KL Towerthon. Fast forward to 2019, we have founded and formed Malaysia Towerrunning Association (MTA). As a national governing body MTA regulates the sport of towerrunning, MTA main role is to set clear guidelines for the safety and development of the sports. MTA is also entrusted to ensure compliance from all towerruning sports organizers.

  • Main Organizer – Person in charge from a registered company who will host the event and will be fully responsible for the event.
  • Event Organizer – A person in charge from a registered company that provides the services of organizing the event for the Main Organizer OR it can also be the Main Organizer himself who organizes the event.
  • Malaysia Towerrunning Association – Responsible for ensuring the Main Organizer and Event Organizer follow all the guidelines provided as party responsible for the event.
  1. Person / Staff from the building / tower.
  2. Person from event organizing company.
  3. Person from an official authority, for eg: district / state / federal government.
  1. Person / Staff from the building / tower.
  2. Person from event organizing company.
  3. Person from the authority, for eg: district / state / federal government.

Malaysia Towerrunning Association (MTA) was registered under Commissioner of Sports and formed on the 23rd of Aug 2019. MTA is the governed body for towerrunning / stairs climbing / vertical marathon / run up event in Malaysia. MTA is the National Federation (NF) for Malaysia and linked to Towerrunning World Association (TWA) whereby TWA is the International Federation (IF).

Malaysia is currently Rank No. 6 in TWA World Ranking out of 64 Countries that are active in the sport. For male, Malaysia’s Soh Wai Ching is currently Rank No. 2 in the Individual World Ranking together with Toh Chin Shian – 51st, Chin Hong Zhang – 64th, Low Keng Yik – 66th, and Ravinder Singh – 120th. For female, Michele Tan – 11th and Mercy Teh Mu Min – 53rd.


MTA continues to actively promote towerrunning sport in Malaysia with the primary goal to having the sport included in bigger sporting events / games such as Southeast Asian Games / Asian Games / Commonwealth Games and eventually into Olympic Games. We are targeting to have minimum 12 races annually (one race every month) as we build the towerrunning community, focusing on talent identification, to form a strong and talented team to represent Malaysia in international races as we drive to be the best in the world.

  • Event Date & Time
  • Venue
  • Target Number of Participants
  • Total Number of Steps
  • Total Number of Floors
  • Total Elevation Gained (in meters)
  1. Required to have public liability and personal accident (for participants, crew, volunteers etc) insurance policy from registered Malaysian Insurance Company for the event.
  2. Required to have at least ONE crew / volunteer / marshal every two floors or an elevation gain of 6 meters.
  3. Required to have at least ONE First Aider Crew with Ambulance standby at the race venue.
  4. Required to have at least ONE water station at every 45 – 60m mark (15 – 20 Floors), ONE at the race village, and ONE at the Finishing Point.
  5. Required to have a smooth evacuation plan to evacuate the participants once they have completed the race.
  6. Required to have at least ONE first aider at every 15 – 20m mark (5 – 7 Floors), ONE at the race village, and ONE at the Finishing Point.
  7. Required to have a clear briefing to all participants on dos and don’ts before the race is flagged off.
  8. Required to use timing chip system to all participants as the ranking will be based on the chip time.
  9. Participant will be flagging off individually with an interval time between 15 – 30 seconds for elite, 10 – 15 seconds for competitive categories, and 5 – 10 seconds for non-competitive categories.
  10. Required to provide options for the participants to choose during the registration (Elite / Competitive / Non-competitive) in addition to male/female, open/veteran etc.
  11. Required to provide a qualifying standard whereby participants must submit their previous results in order to qualify and be included under the Elite category.
  1. Required to ensure social distancing between each participant of up to TWO meters as much as possible.
  2. No group gathering allowed once entering the race village.
  3. The Elite flag off will be in the last wave after Competitive and Non-competitive.
  4. With the use of timing chip, the active chip will be limited according to the elevation gained of the building. For eg: 200m elevation gained at TM Tower Run, therefore, the maximum active chip will be 100 participants at one time (2 meters distance between each participant). Once it reaches 100 active chips (100 participants), there will be a temporary pause at the flag off and will only continue after at least half the number of the participants (50 active chips left) crossed the finishing line.
  5. ALL Participants will only be allowed to enter to the race village ONE HOUR prior to their flag off time according to their categories. They must exit the race village once they have completed their race.
  6. ALL Participants must adhere to the standard SOPs (Scan the MySejahtera Code), always wearing face mask, and sanitizing hand upon entering the race village.
  7. ALL Participants are required to perform their own warm up and cool down separately.
  8. Participants can only remove the face mask 5 seconds before the flag off into disposal bins provided at starting line.
  9. Face masks will be provided at the finishing line once the participants cross the finishing line and is a MUST for participants to put on the face mask IMMEDIATELY. Participants will be required to wash both their hands once they have completed the race and sanitizer will be provided by the organizer.
  10. There will not be any prize giving ceremony after the event, and the organizer must set up counters for the winners to collect their prizes after the race has finished.
  11. The handrail will be sanitized and wiped by the marshal / crew / volunteer throughout the race.
  12. We STRONGLY advise the organizer to open all the doors at each floor, switch on the exhaust fan if there is, switch on the air-conditioners if there are, or put on the fan and turn it on to maximize air ventilation.
  1. There will be a one-off non-refundable administration fee of RM 100 for every application.
  2. There will be a consultation fee of RM 100 for every meeting scheduled between the Main Organizer and MTA.
  3. Race-course inspection date and time can be agreed and set between the Main Organizer and MTA officers.
  4. Race-course inspection fee of RM300 must be paid by the Main Organizer to MTA 3 days prior to race-course inspection date. Race-course inspection will take around 2 hours and must include access to all stairs and lifts expected to be used for the race.
  5. Transportation and accommodation must also be provided by main organizer when outside Klang Valley region. Any extra charges faced by MTA while performing their duties, will be borne by the Main Organizer.
  6. The inspection fees and any other reimbursement (after making an appointment with MTA officers) can be banked into Persatuan Larian Menara Malaysia at the following bank account:
  • Bank Name : Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad
  • Account Name : Persatuan Larian Menara Malaysia
  • Account No : 14171010011773
  1. Sanction Fees must be banked into Persatuan Larian Menara Malaysia bank account within 7 days after the meeting:
    1. Bank Name : Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad
    2. Account Name : Persatuan Larian Menara Malaysia
    3. Account No : 14171010011773
  2. Kindly attach the bank transaction slip through the e-sanction system online.
  3. A sanction letter will be issued to the Main Organizer once the payment has been made.