Faris Irsyad Amir Hisham
Faris Irsyad Amir Hisham
Faris Irsyad

Faris Irsyad Amir Hisham

Faris Irsyad Amir Hisham

Athlete Profile


Full Name: Faris Irsyad Amir Hisham

Country: Malaysia

Age: 30

Based in: Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Height (cm): 169

Weight (kg): 63


Years of Participation in Towerrunning Sport (Since when): 2018

Personal Record in Running

400m – N/A

800m – N/A

1,000m – N/A

1,500m – N/A

1 Mile – N/A

3,000m – N/A

5,000m – N/A

10,000m – N/A

5k Road – 24:15

10k Road – 52:30

Half-Marathon – 2:16

Full-Marathon – N/A






Current World Ranking: N/A

Titles: N/A

Other Titles: N/A


Typical Training Load in a week:

Running – 35 KM

Towerrunning – 100 Floors

Weight Training – 1 Times

Favourite Pre-Race Workout (Towerrunning Training):

Favourite Distance in Towerrunning Races (Floors): Yet to be discovered!

Favourite Quote: Determination is me!

Sponsored by: Self






Upcoming Goals in Towerrunning: PB in both KL Towerthon and TM Tower

Best Memorable Towerrunning Race and Why: Yayasan TM Tower Run 2019, part of the organizing team

What have you learned from Towerrunning Sport? It takes a lot of determination to reach the top.

Towerrunning Athlete that you admired the most: Wai Ching

Tips for amateur/beginner in Towerrunning sport: Use handrail when climbing the stairs

My Preference

Favourite Shoe for Towerrunning Sport: Nike

Why do you like Towerrunning Sport: Short, painful yet satisfying

What is your life goal? Self improvement

What’s keep you going day in day out? Running, stairs and exercising

What’s your favourite songs before the race? N/A