Terms we use in Towerrunning Sport (Basic Terms)

No. Technical Terms Code Meaning
1. Floor F Total number of floor climb according to the number of floors written on the wall or on the building or tower itself. Some tower they only mention the height but not in number of floors.  
2. Elevation Climb EC Total elevation climb measure in meter from the start to the finishing line. It is subjective to the finishing floor of the building or tower as it can be finish at the observation deck as that’s the maximum height of the stairs can reach up to.
3. Steps S Total number of steps counting from the start to the finishing line.
4. Chip Time CT Total time recorded between the chip passed the starting timing mat right before the first step and end once the chip crossed the finishing timing mat right after the last steps. *It doesn’t matter you start in the front, or in the middle or in the end, you will still stand a chance to win based on the chip time. *It’s determine the winner.
5. Direction of the staircase (Clockwise / Anti-Clockwise) C / AC Different building or towers have different direction of stairwell. Some they have only one direction, but some they have both. In a race, it maybe includes both direction due to changing of staircase at the RF or it can remain the same direction even though after the changes.
6. Refugee Floor RF Some of the building or towers have combination of stairwell to reach the top. For example: In ShenZhen Ping An Finance Centre, you will not be able to run up the entire building in just one staircase. You have to switch to another staircase at 10th Floor (termed as Refugee Floor) by running a flat part from staircase A to staircase B, which then lead you from 10th Floor to 25th Floor. Then once you reached 25th Floor (Refugee Floor), you need to run another flat part back to staircase A and it will lead you up from 25th Floor to 35th Floor. *RF means the floor that you need to get out from the stairs and running on flat and go in to another staircase.