Origin Of Towerrunning Association (MTA)

Origin of Malaysia Towerrunning Association

Promoting towerrunning sport is always a dream of  Wai Ching. Throughout the journey, he found a team of passionate towerrunners with the same vision and together they wanted to rebrand the towerrunning sport in Malaysia. Wai Ching together with his team filled up the application form and submitted it to Commissioner of Sports (Pesuruhjaya Sukan – PJS) back in 1st June 2019. The application got approved by Commissioner of Sports under Sports Development Act 1997 on 23rd August 2019 and Persatuan Larian Menara Malaysia was formed with the registration number of K-KUL-04762. Persatuan Larian Menara Malaysia is also known as “Malaysia Towerrunning Association”. Malaysia Towerrunning Association is also one of the national associations under Towerrunning World Association (TWA).